Hybrid Stain CREAM Developer

Hybrid Stain CREAM Developer

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Introducing the perfect companion for your brows: the BB Hybrid Stain Developer. Designed to complement our NEW! Hybrid Brow Stain seamlessly, this developer ensures long-lasting, vibrant results that will make your brows pop.

Crafted with formulas that blend effortlessly, the BB Hybrid Stain Developer and Hybrid Brow Stain work in harmony to deliver stunning brows that leave a lasting impression. Simply mix 2 drops of BB Hybrid Stain Developer with 4 drops of BB Hybrid Brow Stain on your BB Mixing Palette, blend thoroughly, and watch as your client's brows transform into perfection.

Hydrating and Nourishing: Infused with coconut oil and panthenol, the BB Hybrid Stain Developer not only enhances the color of your brows but also nourishes and hydrates the brow hair, leaving them feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Made for Each Other: Formulated specifically for use with the BB Hybrid Brow Stain, this developer ensures optimal results, making your brow tinting experience smooth and effortless.

Long-Lasting Results: With its carefully crafted formula, the BB Hybrid Stain Developer guarantees vibrant and long-lasting color that will keep your brows looking fabulous for days.

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