Beauty Endevr DISCLAIMER

DISCLAIMER: Serious Beauty, Serious Professionals!!

The products sold on this website are for professional use only. Applying these products improperly could harm the human body—yikes!

Professional Use Only:
Our products are for the pros. Think of it as a beauty secret handshake—you need to be in the know and properly trained according to local laws and regulations.

Training Required:
No training? No problem—just don't use these products. Leave it to the experts to avoid any beauty blunders or mishaps.

Liability Notice:
Beauty Endevr isn’t responsible for any injuries or damages from improper use. By purchasing, you’re pinky-swearing to use these products as intended and under professional supervision.

Safety First:
Follow the instructions and safety guidelines with each product. When in doubt, consult a licensed professional. Beauty is best served with a side of safety!

Stay fabulous and play it safe!

Beauty Endevr
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Telephone number: 435-288-2268
Effective as of January 1, 2024