If you're searching for a lash and brow tint that achieves intensive color and long-lasting results, try our renowned products. We supply the famous dyes from Beautiful Brows and Lashes, coming in 5 natural shades to make sure you create looks to enhance your client's eyes.

We have a dedicated online tint shop so that you can buy your dye products in one place, with eyelashes and brows using the same tinting system. Get your hands on our individual tints, as well as tint remover, pro tint kits, mixing dishes, and more. Just add products you love to your cart and follow the pages through to shipping.

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Whether you want to switch to a better eyelash and brow tinting system, or you're looking for your first brow dye kit after training, it's important to understand what makes a good product and what doesn't. This ensures you can create lashes and brows your clients will love.

While becoming certified is one of the best steps to make in becoming a great lash and brow artist, the products and dyes you choose will also determine the quality of the results. If you can produce beautiful outcomes that last for weeks, clients will return to use your services time after time.

What to know more? Read our lashes and brow tinting guide and share the information with your teams.



The lash and brow industry is one to watch, as beauty professionals and consumers look to create new defined looks that appear both natural and beautiful for weeks.

Cutting down on makeup while creating more permanent or semi-permanent results is big news, with tinting allowing clients to ditch the mascara and eyebrow pencils for weeks at a time. They like the fact they no longer have to worry about the dreaded panda-look under the eye after their mascara runs or spend many minutes, days, and weeks in front of the mirror trying to perfect their brows.

Lash brow tints involve the use of easy to add dyes made in various colors and can be used on hairs close to the eye thanks to a gentler formula. Shades include natural tones, and blue, brown, and black tones, using high-quality eyelash products that last for up to six weeks.

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Many beauty product brands will release separate tint and dye lines for eyebrows and lashes, sometimes even focusing on one particular treatment.

That's one of the reasons Beautiful Brows and Lashes is so popular, offering a duo lash brow tinting system that creates the most luscious looks. It means beauty professionals won't have to find one dye for eyelash hairs or face-framing colors related to the brows. You can use the same tubes of dye for both.

The only difference is where the dye is placed and the techniques you use to apply to brows and lashes. This includes any new safety measures related to protecting the skin and delicate spots. For example, lashes may require more stringent precautions to protect eyes from harm.




The benefits of brow and lash tinting are evident for both clients and salons, from the beautiful results produced to the profitability related to this relatively new treatment.

Fast & easy treatments
Professionals like the fact lashes tinting is a fast and easy treatment, taking minutes to apply and set. You can even try to promote the service as part of other treatments such as lash lifts and brow lamination procedures, enhancing the results for greater customer satisfaction.

Specialist formula for lashes & brows
You should never try to use regular hair dye on the lashes and brows. These new specialist tinting products add gentler ingredients for use around the lashes and brows, safer for delicate skin. Professional training is essential if you want to use these products, especially if offering them to paying clients.

Face-framing looks
Tinting is a great way to achieve face-framing looks perfect for every client. Creating a desirable look for each customer takes skill, so it's vital you understand how to mix a dye to suit everything from a client's eye color to their skin tone. You should also listen to their wishes about the results they want to achieve, whether it's a subtle and natural enhancement or something more striking.

Intensive color range
From enhancing blonde hair to look more visible with a brown eyebrow tint to creating striking looks with an intensive black dye, there are lots of beautiful colors to choose from. You can even find dyes with hints of blue included for added luster.

Enhanced business success
Whether delivered as a standalone treatment or combined with other services, adding tinting to your treatment lists can help to expand your salon client base. If you provide great customer service and high-quality results, they'll come back to use your services again, especially when any semi-permanent makeup treatment requires a refresh.

Ditching eye makeup
We all know how many minutes and hours we waste when taking the time to apply makeup each day, so imagine not having to worry about using eyebrow pencils or mascara anymore. Whether it's to create a beautiful style before a special event or looking for a more permanent option to replace a daily makeup routine, tinting offers a great beauty solution.

Full-looking eyebrows
If your clients want to create an illusion of full-looking eyebrows with a more intensive color, density, and shape, tinting should be highly recom- mended, especially when combined with a treatment such as a brow lamination.


Eyelash and eyebrow tinting can last anywhere from around three to six weeks, but it varies from client to client. How long the tint effects last can depend on factors such as eyelash growth, the condition of existing hairs, and how well clients follow your tinting aftercare advice. This includes:

  • ensuring you don't touch the eyes in the first 48 hours after the treatment
  • avoiding steamy or humid environments
  • staying out of strong UV light
  • ditching oil-based makeup, cleansers, and cream products around the eye area


You'll find out more about brow and lash tinting aftercare when completing your training. This will allow you to educate your clients and help them achieve more satisfactory outcomes.



Something which many lash and brow technicians consider when stocking up on their supplies is the price of the product line. While it's always important to check what's included in any kits on sale, we would always recommend choosing quality over the cheapest options.

Professional lash artists who focus solely on price will end up with a less-than-satisfactory product, which they may have to use more of to achieve the results they want, it won't be as easy to apply, and they'll waste more time. Their clients will also notice the difference in the results and may not return to their salon again.

If you've found a tinting system that's reliable, high in quality, and helps you to become more profitable (while impressing clients), don't underestimate the benefits of investing in a better product.


The United States FDA regulates cosmetics, and unfortunately, they don't approve color additives used for eyelash and brow dyes. This is because the FDA states that they have been known to cause eye injuries when you add to the hairs in this area. The FDA does stress that for all types of eye cosmetics, you should always make sure you check the ingredients and only use products designed for use on the eyes.

This is why it's so vital to only perform this beauty client service in the United States if you've received in-depth training from experienced eyelash technicians. You should also to try to confirm whether you need to be licensed in your state and any insurance-related terms and conditions to this type of service. If you are found to have breached any regulations, you may not be covered.

When you complete your eyelash and eyebrow tinting training with us, we'll talk to you about patch tests, which take minutes to perform but is an essential part of any tinting service for lashes and brows. It should be carried out around 24 to 48 hours before the treatment, and a reaction may show within minutes, hours, or even a day before, including redness, itching, or irritation. If there's any adverse reaction found, the client should not go ahead with the tinting service for either their lashes or brows.


At the Beauty Endevr, alongside our lash lift and brow lamination systems, we have a dedicated tinting shop to stock up all your salon products from Beautiful Brows and Lashes. These can be used with the step by step BOMB duo packs or as a standalone procedure to enhance lashes and brows.

So what's available?

Tinting Packs
Choose the right professional tinting kit for your needs with a range of options available. This includes a mini tint kit, in which you can choose a particular colored dye to receive alongside a dappen dish, tint developer, and applicator to create the perfect mix.

You can also add a full professional tinting kit to your cart and head straight to shipping if you want a more comprehensive pack. Transform your clients' look and ensure you have everything you need in your salon supplies, including grooming and application accessories. Always check the product description to check what's included, but it may include:

We would recommend:

  • the full range of colored tints
  • tint remover
  • cream developer
  • protective eye guard
  • mixing dish
  • tweezers and scissors


High-quality dyes
From tint packs with all five colors to individual 20ml tubes of dye, get your hands on the full set of dyes to enhance the beautiful eyelash and brow effects. The dyes offer longevity, intensive looks, and a special blend of ingredients that's impressed beauty professionals across the globe. Color options include:

We would recommend:

  • Deep black tint: This is one of the deepest black tint shades found in the industry, creating a desirable, intensive look from the root to tip of every lash and brow hair.
  • Blue black tint: As one of the favorite products in the line, this blue black color is famous for making eyelashes and brows pop with extra luster thanks to the blue tinge added.
  • Brown: Add more definition to lashes and brows with an intensive brown tint for a darker touch.
  • Middle brown: The mid brow tint is perfect when used for those with dirty blonde hair. Add a hint of extra definition and color without looking too intensive.
  • Natural brown: Enhance your clients' eyelashes and eyebrows and add this natural tint to your shipping page – ideal for light blonds or redheads.


Tinting remover
Tint remover is an essential part of any professional tinting kit, offering safe ways to remove dye from the skin around the eyes. We offer a natural tint remover containing both willow bark extract and Aloe Vera, so it's much kinder to the sensitive skin areas. You can gently remove the tint from the skin in no time at all.


Cream developer
Our bestselling professional cream developer activates each eyelash tint for safe use within minutes, coming in a 100ml bottle to help it last for as long as possible. It can be used for both eyelash and eyebrow tinting.


Tinting Packs
How you like to mix your tinting products is down to each professional, influenced by the techniques you‘ve found the easiest to work with or how you were trained. We offer shatter-resistant tint mixing cups that you can sanitize between clients, and these can also be used for henna treatments. We also have tint mixing dishes to create the perfect palette with three mixing areas. These are great if you're performing both lash and brow tinting, so you need a different mix for each treatment.



Ready to switch to a brow tinting system your clients will love? Take a look at the Beauty Endevr store now. We also have professional training available if you'd like to be certified in BOMB duo, including expert tinting techniques. Just head to our training page to explore this option and share with others.

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