Professional Brow Lamination Kit

At the Beauty Endevr, we offer a brow lamination kit to make your life easier, creating beautiful results every time. This brow lift system is world-renowned for its high-quality formulas and easy BOMB duo step-by-step lamination process, producing brows your clients will love in just minutes.

In our online beauty store, you'll find everything you need to get started, from our brow lamination kits from Beautiful Brows & Lashes to marketing materials for your salon. Get your professional products here.



When offering your salon clients professional beauty treatments such as a brow or lash lift (lash perm), finding an easy to use lamination kit is a must. This will ensure you get incredible results within minutes while offering outstanding customer service throughout. You'll want to make sure you achieve the ultimate brow look for clients and can compete with other beauty businesses in your local area.

To secure the outcomes you want, you must undergo professional training (which is also something we offer here at the Beauty Endevr) and use high-quality products. The easiest way to do this is to specialize in an industry-renowned brow lamination process that has great reviews.

If you'd like to know more about the brow lamination treatment we think is a cut above the rest, read on.

Professional Brow Lamination Kit


A brow lamination kit can be used to produce several different outcomes for your clients. The process essentially uses a perming solution to redirect brow hairs into the desired shape. The step by step treatment includes the use of specialist formulas to perform a ‘brow lift,' lifting the natural hairs from their base so that they become as long as possible. This helps to fill out sparse sections of the eyebrows for a full, uniform look on both sides.

The new shape is maintained by applying a bonding solution as part of the brow lamination treatment, and clients should follow any brow lamination aftercare advice you give them in the first 24 hours (minimum) after the procedure.

A brow lamination kit should be easy to use and give beauty techs the best products and tools to make sure they achieve a beautiful brow look. The system chosen should be formulated by experts, saving you time to create a profitable beauty service. It should also help solve the issue of messy eyebrow treatments, achieving professional-looking outcomes for every customer.

Please always check the reviews of any kit you're considering.


There are lots of benefits of brow lamination treatments for your customer base. Unlike a lash lift or perm, you'll use each product to straighten the brow hairs rather than produce a curl like you would for the lash hairs. This has the benefits of:

  • Controlling the direction of brow hairs
  • Setting brows in a new desired shape
  • Creating fuller-looking eyebrows
  • Achieving more uniformity across both brows
  • Ensuring sleek, professional looks every time

You can also combine a brow lamination with an eyebrow tint or brow gel treatment to ensure brows look as beautiful as possible.


Professional Brow Lamination Kit


After creating a brow look they love, the last thing clients want is to disrupt the new shape by doing something wrong in the first 24 hours after the lamination treatment. It's important you educate your clients about what they can do to maintain and prolong the results while giving expert answers to questions like “can I get brows wet after a lamination treatment?”

So, what is some of the best home brow lamination aftercare advice you can give? You'll learn more about this when completing your brow lamination course, but here are some general steps to follow in the first 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.

We would recommend:

  • Don't touch the eyebrows if possible.
  • Avoid getting brows wet, inc in the shower or swimming pool.
  • Avoid humid environments such as steam rooms, saunas, and hot kitchens.
  • Try not to use beauty products, tanning lotion, or makeup near the brows, such as foundation, moisturizing sun lotion, or oily face cream.


Your salon may like to stock brow moisturizer to help upsell your treatments and give clients enhanced outcomes. They can usually brush this through the brows daily. If clients follow your advice, the brow lamination effects can last from 6 weeks to 2 months.


If you're not trained and looking into using a home brow lamination kit, we would strongly advise against this. Clients should only use the services of a licensed beauty professional who has a reputable certification in this type of treatment. Please check the rules in your particular state.

During your brow lamination training, you'll learn everything from how to perform a skin patch test to assess for client skin reactions, to how to protect the eyes, skin, and hair from damage or harm. Every step of the process is covered to ensure you act professionally and safely throughout, even showing you the techniques for using frequently chosen products such as cotton pad packs during the procedure.

If you have a customer who's considering using a home brow lamination pack, make sure you educate them about all the risks involved. Performing a home brow lamination treatment can also lead to poorer quality outcomes, failing to achieve the shape they wanted for the brows or even damaging the hair in the process.


The costs of brow lamination treatments will vary greatly between salons and locations. The price will depend on the skill and experience of the brow artist (so the lowest price isn't always best!), the quality of the lamination system used, and any other treatment you may have alongside it, such as a lash lift or tint. If you want to know an accurate cost to laminate your eyebrows, take a look at some of the salons near you with good reviews so that you know you'll be in the best hands. If you're a pro, join our brow lamination training course to find out more about how you can make this a profitable service at your salon.

Professional Brow Lamination Kit


The brow lamination treatment process will differ between brands, but if you're choosing the BOMB duo kit, you can expect to see some of the following steps. Don't forget to have everything you require set-up and ready to go, from each lotion or cream you need to beauty essentials such as cotton pad supplies. You should also have all the necessary tools and accessories at hand, such as Y tool applicators, brush sets, pro bonder, and cotton wool q-tips.

Step 1 - Brow Lift Cream Applied
During step 1 of the process, the BOMB duo brow lift cream is applied to the eyebrows. This helps you to perform a brow lift right from the root of each hair, ensuring the brows are left in a fuller shape. This cream solution is enriched with high-quality ingredients such as Cocoa Butter to help keep the formula as nourishing as possible without affecting the desired shape you'd love to achieve for the brows.

Step 2 - Neutralizing Lotion Applied
Step 2 is to use a neutralizing lotion on the brows, which as the name suggests, neutralizes the chemicals in the lifting solution. The formula contains ingredients such as Panthenol, Glass Microbeads, and Hyaluronic Acid. The Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the hairs to improve their condition. The brow technician will brush this solution through the eyebrows in the same direction to maintain the new shape.

Step 3 - Moisturizing Serum Applied
In step 3, the third solution is applied – moisturizing serum. This lotion is full of goodness, including Aloe Vera, Marshmallow Extract, Chamomile, and Hydrolyzed Silk. It's the ultimate aftercare solution to enhance the health of the brows and keep the hairs strong. This is an essential step of the process to ensure the brows aren't over-processed by the strong chemicals used. Clients can even use a special brow moisturizer on a daily basis to ensure their brows remain as soft as cotton. It only takes minutes but makes a big difference for weeks.

Professional Brow Lamination Kit


Yes! A brow gel or tint can be applied during the lamination treatment, usually once the lifting and neutralizing creams are applied but before the moisturizing serum is added. The new look and shape of the brows will be greatly enhanced with a tint, whether your client wants a deeper tone or they'd like to define their natural hair color better across both brows. If using any tinting product or coloring agent during a beauty treatment, a patch test must always be performed 24 to 48 hours before the process begins. This will assess the client's skin for any adverse reactions to the dye.


If you're looking for an eyebrow lamination kit that has great reviews and achieves what it says it will, we would highly recommend BOMB duo treatment packs from Beautiful Brows & Lashes. Here are some of the incredible benefits of choosing this kit for your salon.

Use high-quality ingredients
One of the reasons Beautiful Brows & Lashes' BOMB duo gets such great reviews from both beauty professionals and clients is its superior formula. Not only do the high-quality ingredients produce long-lasting, professional results but aim to improve the condition and volume of brow hairs. Hopefully, this will help to create fuller brows over time if clients continue to use an eyebrow moisturizing aftercare lotion each day. Ingredients include things like cocoa butter to help nourish hair and hydrate the skin around the eyebrows, and biotin to stimulate new brow hair growth.

Create bespoke looks
For new and improved brows, every salon customer you see should have a brow lamination treatment tailored to their needs. The BOMB duo procedure helps eyebrow professionals to restructure the brow hairs how they need for natural, fuller-looking results. The lamination effects can last from 6 weeks to 2 months before clients return for a refresher treatment.

Save time with step by step packs
Beautiful Brows & Lashes has designed the BOMB duo packs with professionals in mind, ensuring you can keep the process simple and organized throughout. Each step is separated into different boxes of solution sachets, so this also helps pros to keep an eye on their stock levels.

Enjoy a fast processing time
While most beauty professionals aim to spend time with clients to achieve what they want without services appearing rushed, it's still important to work efficiently and get the best effects without wasting time. Luckily, the BOMB duo has a fast processing time, achieving results in less than 30 minutes.

Use it for lash lift treatments
If you've trained to perform both lash lift and brow lamination treatments, you can use this kit for both! They also call the process the ‘BOMB duo' as it's a duo system for both procedures. The lash lift is an update on the traditional lash perm, creating a defined curl for every eyelash hair to open up the eyes. Your lash lift kit will also include other products required for this beauty treatment, inc lash lift shields. This type of product is used to create a base on which to lift each lash hair when each cream solution is applied.

Get professional eyebrow lamination kits
Beautiful Brows & Lashes have created different kits for you to choose from, whether you're looking for a trial pack or full kit. You can also find lots of individual product ranges to top up your salon supplies and pro tint kits in five luxurious shades.


If you need to create full, beautiful brows your clients will love, you'll need one of the best brow lamination kits in the industry (not the cheap home brow lamination kits you'll find elsewhere). To achieve the ultimate brow lift, take a look at the full product line available in our BOMB duo store. Here are some of the products and tools you should be using for all your brow lamination treatments.

Brow lamination trial pack
If you hope to try the BOMB duo to see if you like it before expanding your kit, or you'd like to see what brows look like after switching to this product line, get hold of our BOMB duo trial packs. It's a must for any professional looking to get started, creating precise results every time. The kit contains all the steps of the lamination process, as well as pro bonder glue and Y tool applicators.

BOMB duo refills
There are lots of product options when it comes to keeping your stock as full as possible, ensuring your clients never miss out on a treatment they need. This includes packs of the three BOMB duo lamination steps, individual boxes of sachets, and a kit that adds pro bonder into the mix.

Pro bonding adhesive
You'll need a strong pro bonder during the brow lamination treatment, and we'll explain which parts of the process this is used for during your training. The product acts as a strong glue to really enhance results and keep things in place during the treatment process. It's clear in color, so won't block your visuals as you create a new shape for the brows. You'll also like the fact it's non-toxic, so it's kinder to the skin and can be easily removed within minutes by dissolving it with water.

Lash & Brow Toxx
For strong effects that last for weeks, you'll clients will love the Lash & Brow Toxx. This specialized aftercare serum provides brows with additional nourishment in the weeks that follow the procedure. By using this product, it keeps brow hairs strong and healthy, and it can even be used on lashes. We think this is one of the best aftercare serums for brows thanks to the range of beneficial ingredients included, its easy application, and the product has been designed to help you apply the perfect amount required across the brows. You may also like to buy these in bulk rather than just one so that you can upsell your services.

Tint products
Many brow lamination clients like to request a tinting treatment at the same time to create the ultimate brows. We think Beautiful Brows & Lashes' range of tints is one of the best we've found, from their five stunning shades to the quality of the results that last for weeks. We have their full collection of tint colors online for you to purchase, as well as a gentle tint remover and professional cream developer to activate the dyes before using them.

Salon marketing materials
Clients can't ask for a treatment if they don't know it exists, so get your brow lamination services off to a strong start with our selection of marketing materials to place around your salon or treatment rooms. This includes BOMB duo table tents and posters to promote this incredible lash and brow system.


If you want to create brows your clients will love, enroll on our professional BOMB duo training. During this course, you'll learn about the best techniques, get access to experienced educators, and understand the secrets of brow lamination and lash lifting success. As well as hands-on courses across the US, we offer online brow lamination training. Choose this option for:

We would recommend:

  • Flexible learning options (e.g., module completion between client appointments)
  • Saving time (no travel required or time off work)
  • Fast access (get instant access to the course material you need)
  • Video modules to see the techniques in action
  • Free student kit
  • Excellent online support


If you'd like to know more about how training in BOMB duo can benefit you and help you build a successful business, head to our certification page.


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