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Whether you're just starting or you're an experienced henna brow artist, understanding the differences between a full brow henna pack and tint treatment is a must. Clients will most likely ask about both if they're interested in eyebrow enhancements. The best beauty professionals will apply to train in both henna and tints to ensure they give their clients a full choice and compete with other salon henna services in the area.

So how do the two types of brow treatment differ?

Brow Tint Dyes
Brow tint dyes are highly popular across the beauty world, especially as you may only need one product for tinting both eyebrow and lash hairs. The aim is to enhance the natural hair color, or you can go for a more striking look, especially if you have a light brown or brown/blonde hair color, so usually struggle to get visible dark brown eyebrows.

Tinting uses chemical dyes that have a gentle formula for use on delicate hair and skin. The pack used will open up the cuticles along each hair shaft to help brush the dye through and leave a full color lasting for around 3 to 6 weeks.


Brow Henna Dyes
Brow henna is also used for tinting brows but stains the skin below, as well as the outer shaft of the brow hairs. Henna is made from a natural henna plant, using colored pigment that can be used on the skin, hair, fingernails, and even materials. It comes in many different forms, including a brown henna powder, but you can also find it pre-made into the brow henna dye you need.

As it's a skin-staining product, a beauty professional will carefully brush the brow henna over the brows to create a tattoo effect. Brow henna comes in many different colors, including light brown henna, dark brown henna, mid-brown henna, natural brown henna, brown/blonde shades, and black. The result is a luxurious, velvet-like finish to create the perfect henna brows, especially if custom-mixing is performed.



Whether you're using a natural brow henna kit (that contains powder or liquid for the dye), or you're mixing the perfect tints for brows, you should understand the benefits so that you can tell your clients why each brow treatment is so beneficial. Here are just a few of the reasons brow henna and tinting has exploded across the beauty industry.

Get a gorgeous henna brow look
One of the reasons both clients and professional brow artists love brow henna and tints is the beautiful results produced. They can even be used to enhance another treatment, such as a full eyebrow lamination. If you add tints into the mix, then the results are off the scale, producing the perfect brows. This includes filling out sparse hair where there's lots of skin showing through, creating a more uniform look, and achieving a better brow shape.

Spend less time applying make-up
When you apply makeup, it can take up lots of time, not to mention having to check it throughout the day and spend money on different products. When you choose semi-permanent dye for brows, such as brow henna or tints, it can last for up to 6 weeks, so you won't have to use a brow pencil or eyebrow gel anymore.

Use custom mixing for the perfect color
When beauty professionals complete their henna brow or tint training, they'll learn the best mixing techniques to produce a custom color. This involves using color charts to help mix the right shade for the natural skin tone and hair color. Clients' wishes should also be discussed, as some want a highly natural henna brow result that's very subtle, whereas others may want something more striking and vibrant.

Create a profitable brow business
While you want to offer clients the best services and perform treatments you love, your salon is still a business. Finding profitable, cost-effective treatments is a must. Luckily, brow henna and tints are fast-processing and easy to apply, so you can fit in many appointments during the day. Each tint or henna brow tube you buy will have dozens (sometimes 100+ application uses), so you'll receive a fantastic return on your initial investment in both product and training costs.

Upsell your other beauty services
You can also use tints to upsell other services such as brow lamination and lash lifts while producing better results so that clients come back to use you again.

Find a high-quality kit
Many people worry about over-processing their hair when it comes to using too many dye products. That's why it's so important you choose a professional tinting or brow henna kit to add to cart when you're shopping online for your salon beauty supplies. Buy a kit that uses world-renowned eyebrow enhancement systems, has great reviews, and high-quality ingredients. Superior formulas are available that won't damage the condition of the brow hairs. You can even use nourishing aftercare treatments that moisturize the eyebrows.

There are lots of kit packs available, including those with full tint ranges and tools included to make application easier. You can also buy individual brow henna dyes such as black, light brown, mid-brown, or natural brown if some colors are more popular than others.




Your customers will ask about how fast henna brow treatments fade, so always choose a kit that has long-lasting benefits. Each brand may give different fade times, but you can usually expect the color to last for around 6 weeks. How long each brow henna treatment lasts will also rely on the aftercare advice followed, the rate of new hair growth, and the condition of the natural brow hairs.


The first 24 to 48 hours after the henna brow treatment are critical, as the henna product takes a little time to settle in its new position on the skin and eyebrows. If you complete your brow henna training, you'll learn all the best ways to educate clients about how to care for their eyebrows post-procedure

Best brow aftercare
However, some general henna brow aftercare tips (which you should follow for at least 24 hours after the brow henna treatment) are as follows.

  • Try not to touch eyebrows if you can help it after the henna treatment. If you need to clean around them for any reason, you can wet a q-tip with a few drops of water, and be very careful about where you clean.
  • In general, try not to get water near the brow henna treatment area, so be extra careful when washing and showering.
  • Avoid using makeup around the brow area if possible, especially any product that contains oil.
  • Stay away from steamy stoves, saunas, strong UV light, and swimming.


If you're planning to shop for a henna brow kit that contains the best product line, first find a system that has great reviews and can also be combined with other nourishing treatments to protect the brows. You should also find a professional brow henna kit to help you get started, one that also sells each product separately to help you order more stock if needed.



This is something only an individual can answer. However, for anyone who loves brows and finding new ways to create looks they like, absolutely! Both tints and henna brow treatments are huge in the beauty industry for a reason, finally producing a viable alternative to daily make-up application. If you're a beauty pro, brow henna is a great opportunity to expand your skillset and client base.


Always use a licensed brow technician for any dye treatment, even brow henna. They'll have the right training and qualifications to ensure your skin and eyes are protected during the treatment while producing higher-quality results each time (thanks to expert skill and tools such as a brush applicator). If you mess up the brow henna, your skin and brows may retain the color for up to 6 weeks. A brow artist should always perform a patch test at least 24 to 48 hours before the brow henna treatment to check for skin reactions to the henna brow product or tints.



Many people wonder which brow henna color kit they'll like because there are so many different light and dark shades to choose from (including endless brown hues). Dark brown henna is great for those with medium brown hair, but others will suit a different henna tone. Mixing two colors can produce the perfect henna color, whether it's light brown, natural brown, or black. Blonde hair may require a brown henna shade to become visible, but brow artists can be mixing you a custom-henna if you have blonde hair.


When you find a full brow henna pack or kit, you can start ordering your supplies. If you don't see something available to add to your cart for shipping, you could email the supplier or use their contact form to leave your message and email address. This includes tools such as an application brush or colors you're trying to get hold of, such as a mix of brown and black shades. They may also have an email address you can message directly.



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