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If you're looking for a treatment to rival even the best brow henna, try our range of brow tints from Beautiful Brows & Lashes. They're easy to use, long-lasting, and you can buy brow tinting kits that give you everything you need to get started. High-quality brow henna and tinting products can last for up to 6 weeks.

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When looking at the different options to help enhance the brows of your clients, two of the main options you can choose is henna brow products and eyebrow tinting. If you work in a beauty salon, people may enquire about both henna and tints, so it's important to understand how each treatment differs from the other. Here's our guide to brow henna and eyebrow tints.

Brow Henna
Brow henna is another type of tinting treatment, which uses semi-permanent dye to produce a defined color across the eyebrows. The colored part of the henna comes from henna plants (e.g., Lawsonia Inermis), staining the skin to ensure it produces a deeper color - almost like they've had a brow tattoo procedure completed. Brow henna dyes are incredibly luxurious thanks to the quality of the natural henna ingredients, smoothed across the eyebrows to produce the new shade.

Brow henna is easy to use, and the first thing a professional brow artist will do is prepare the brow area and henna mixture. The henna brow is then brushed over the brows to cover every hair and stain the skin, coating the outside layer of the hairs only. Henna colors come in many different tones, whether looking for a light or dark brown henna color (or ‘colour' if you're a UK client), black or blonde, helping you to create the perfect look. It may even come as a henna powder or is pre-made into a dye.


Brow Tints
Besides henna, brow tints are one of the most widely used tinting products for the eyebrows, differing from the traditional brow henna method used on brow hairs. Brow tints often involve the use of stronger chemicals to help open up the hair shaft cuticles, allowing the dye to penetrate. Tints also come in lots of different shades, so professional brow artists can make sure they tailor the treatment to each customer, creating perfect brows that your clients will love.

If you want to appeal to a wide pool of clients, we suggest training in both henna and tinting treatments so that you can enhance your beauty service menus as much as possible. It will also help you to expand your knowledge and skills used, explaining the differences to people who may not be sure which henna treatment is right for them.


BBL Tint Kit


If you've been searching for eyebrow henna products, you may have seen the term ‘Lawsonia Inermis' used. Essentially, this is the scientific name for the henna tree and is the source for many of the henna products you'll see professionals using for brows. This type of henna is commonly used to stain the skin, hair, nails, and even fabrics.


To create the perfect henna brows for your clients within minutes, use high-quality eyebrow products, such as henna dyes and tints. But what makes these treatments so popular with both expert brow technicians and salon customers?

Brow Tints
While many people strive to create the ultimate look for their eyebrows, they concentrate on hair growth serums and treatments to fill out sparse areas for fuller-looking brows (including using castor oil). However, adding more color to the brows is one of the best ways to define their shape and complement everything from your eyes to your hair color.

Natural looks
Thanks to the range of colors available (from blonde and light brown to dark brown and black), there's a perfect shade for everyone. Beauty professionals can create natural-looking brows by customizing the product applied, mixing the henna or dyes to get the ideal shade for your skin tone, hair color, or look you want to create. Some people may want to bring out their natural hair color more, whereas others may want a new look, such as helping blonde brow hairs to become more visible.

Superior formulas
If you find a good supplier for all your professional beauty product lines to use in your salons, buy a kit that contains high-quality ingredients. Brow henna is one of the most natural products you can find to color brows, but expert tinting companies will also add plenty of natural ingredients to their dyes. This helps to create gentle formulas that are kinder to both brow hairs and the skin.

Restore brow hairs
While sparse brow hairs can often be related to age or damaging the hairs in the past (by over-processing them), modern brow products can actually help restore healthy hair growth. That's why it's so important to use world-renowned systems that use moisturizing and high-quality ingredients that also hydrate the hairs. You can also buy brow aftercare serums to sell to your clients, which they can use daily to moisturize the eyebrows.

No more brow makeup
How many minutes or hours do we waste using brow makeup over the weeks of the year? Finding ways to save time is always a great idea, so brow henna and eyebrows tints can do just that. You won't have to spend time or money on expensive eyebrow pencils that need topping up during the day, or you smudge the results every time you touch the brows. In fact, if you opt for lash tinting, you can also ditch your mascara.

Cost-effective treatments
Offering brow henna and tinting treatments at your salon is a great way to create a profitable service. The process takes minutes to complete (which will keep your clients happy), so you can fit in more appointments to your day. Each henna powder pack or dye tube will last for a long time, so you'll get an excellent return on your investment once you use them for dozens (sometimes hundreds) of clients.

Get complete brow dye kits
There's nothing worse if you've just completed your brow henna or eyebrow tint training than finding out you have to source all the different henna products and tools you need separately. Top brands will offer their system in complete packs, so that's a great place to start if you want to use a kit for the first time. You can then easily stock up on any henna or tints that run out faster than others. Visit Beauty Endevr’s online shop to find out more about the great product lines we have available.


How long brow henna products last on brows is going to vary between brands, and the best formulas often last for up to 6 weeks. Improve the quality of the results by completing professional training in any beauty treatment you offer to your clients. You can also enhance your customer service by providing clients with great aftercare advice about how to ensure the effects last for as long as possible, sometimes even longer than 6 weeks.

This includes following these aftercare tips for the first 24 to 48 hours post-procedure:

  • Try not to touch the eyebrows too often.
  • Stay away from humid atmospheres (and strong UV light).
  • Avoid any oil or water-based facial products.
  • Stop using castor oil on the brows (castor oil may help with hair growth).
  • Avoid using makeup around the brow area (you can still apply it to the rest of the face).
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Don't get your brows wet (either with water, sweat, oil or steam).


If you do need to clean around the brows, apply a little bit of water (rather than oil) to wet a q-tip first and be very careful. For the full list of aftercare requirements, complete your brow tint training first.


Brow henna treatments are definitely worth it, but you must make sure you use a licensed professional. You could also speak to other brow professionals to find out what they think, finding out more about the best product lines in the industry.

If you're a professional, you may well like to consider completing training related to types of brow dye, such as a tinting course. You can often apply to complete your training either in-person or online and will learn everything about the process, product, and mixing tech- niques involved to help you get the best results. Henna courses may even cover the differ- ence between powder and liquid dye products.

Online training can often be completed in your free time, and you could well become certified within weeks.

BBL Tint Kit
BBL Tint Kit


No beauty service comes for free, but how much does a henna procedure cost? Most types of brow henna treatment can be anything up to about $100 (or even more in the best salons). You may even find a service well under this amount. The prices will range from place to place, and you'll need to think about the costs of topping up treatments after a few weeks.

If you're a beauty pro, brow henna and tints are a highly profitable service, using each dye product and tools in your kit for dozens of clients. When you complete your training, you'll often get a better insight into the costs of any kit involved and how much you can charge per session. You'd be well-advised to research the average cost of this type of treatment in your local area too.


If you're thinking about which brow color will suit you the most, many people choose either a black or brown shade. How dark a color you pick will be down to looks you like, the colors available in the kit your brow artist is using, and what shade they think you're well suited to.

Some like to opt for a natural brown henna product to bring out their brows more, whereas others want to create a more striking look to define the shape of the brows. For the best results, let your brow technician guide you. Dark brown can often suit those with light or mid-brown hair who want a deeper tone. If you already have dark hair, you may decide on black to define the look.

Rest assured, if you're unsure about the brown color (or don't like it at all) after it's finished, it will fade over a few weeks, so you'll be free to pick a slightly different color at your next session. The results will only last for anywhere between three and six weeks.

BBL Tint Kit
BBL Tint Kit


There are lots of different colors available, including light brown, dark brown, mid-brown, black, blonde, natural tones, and more. You can find professional tint colors in our online store to give you a better idea.


When you use any type of dye product on the skin and hair, you will require a patch test. Dyes can affect both sensitive skin and non-sensitive skin, so never assume you'll be okay. If you're a beauty professional, this highlights the importance of expert training before performing any type of procedure on the brows, especially if using a henna or tinting product (including henna powder).

Adverse skin reactions can show themselves in several ways. This includes red skin, small bumps on the skin, itching, irritation, skin burns, or a small mark appearing. In the most extreme cases, allergies can make you feel like you're not well, which is why patch tests are essential (and only use a small amount of dye on the skin).

You should never use a dye product on your hair (including the eyebrows) unless the skin is free of reactions. Keep an eye on the skin where the patch test was performed for at least 24 to 48 hours prior to the treatment commencing.

BBL Tint Kit
BBL Tint Kit


Yes. In fact, many people start with a brow lamination and then add tints. This beneficial treatment creates a uniform appearance across the brows while ensuring they have a shape you like. Fast processing times mean the lamination process is often completed in under 30 minutes. Laminated eyebrows can even help to cover areas of visible skin where hairs are sparse. Use an eyebrow lamination and tints to enhance the brow shape.


If you're looking to create the best results for your clients, explore the product lines available in our online store. This includes one of the most famous eyebrow tints used in the business from Beautiful Brows & Lashes. They produce stunning results (that last for weeks) thanks to high-quality ingredients and ease of application. Each tube contains tints that sets within minutes.

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  • Full eyebrow tinting kit (which contains tints, mixing dish, cream developer, and much more)
  • Mini tint packs (choose one color per kit)
  • Individual dye tubes (if you need one color)
  • Tint remover (remove tint from the skin fast)
  • Henna and tint mixing cups
  • Henna mixing trays (for blending multiple henna colors or tints)
  • Cream developer


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